Field of Honor Flag Project With Ukraine Support


Field Of Honor Flag Project With Support For Ukrainian Refugees



For more than one flag, please complete each purchase separately. As each flag is different, each must be purchased separately.

The Field of Honor Flags Project provides each of us with an opportunity to express our gratitude to someone special.  That someone may be a family member, teacher, veteran, first responder or friend. Your purchase adds $20 for support for Ukrainian refugees in Poland. Your flag will fly with additional blue and yellow streamers this Memorial Day as a show of support for those displaced by this horrible tragedy. Thank you.

The Field of Honor occurs five times a year in Greenport’s Mitchell Park: Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Veterans Day. Your $70 tax-deductible donation gives you the opportunity to participate in each of these five celebrations by sponsoring a 5′ by 3′ flag dedicated to the person you want to honor. Each flag is made in America and is personalized with the name of your honoree and reason for your tribute.

The proceeds of the Rotary Field of Honor provide funds for a variety of health, humanitarian and youth service programs throughout the Greenport and North Fork communities. Additional funds will support Rotary’s International Relief Efforts in Poland to support the millions of refugees from Ukraine.